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Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse: Awakening minecraft server 1.6.2

Download the
Afterlife Resource Pack
(Version 3.3)

In order to take full advantage of what the server has to offer, we recommend that you use MCPatcher to patch your Minecraft. You can download MCPatcher from this link.

Run MCPatcher and patch your minecraft 1.6.2 client and click Patch

Run your Minecraft client, then follow these steps:
1. Create a New Profile, and Profile Name: MCPatcher
2. Select Use Version: release 1.6.2-mcpatcher

Server is running based on donations
If you feel this server is awesome, please donate to help keep it running.
We will give you some perks in-game as a thank you.
Donation at: http://nexusservers.buycraft.net
Donation perks can be found at HOW TO PLAY (scroll to bottom)

For many years, it was known that a certain rare water borne amoeba eats brain cells. In 2012, the amoeba killed 10 people in Pakistan. In 2025, the amoeba became a pandemic, causing many deaths. Our scientists in desperation started developing vaccines and antibodies to combat this parasite, but it was too late. Due to large mutations in the amoeba, they somehow caused the dead to awaken. It was the year 2030.

In 2032, the world ended with nuclear detonations to wipe out the pandemic that caused over 5 billion deaths and brought about the undead. Many have hidden in bunkers, waiting for the nuclear fallout to clear. It has been many years since people seen the light of day. Some say, there is no light, but just ashes and dark clouds. Many went out from the bunkers, never to be seen again. Now, the life support systems in the bunkers are failing. There is no choice but to make it to the surface. What will we find? Join us to create a new chapter for the human race....

A New Cult Has Awaken!
Cultist living in the new world has developed a new form of so called "cure". This "cure" causes the body to regenerate very quickly and enhances the human reflexes. However, SkyNET has declared this "cure" a disease! The "cure" spreads via blood-borne methods, from blood transfusion, even from bites. It causes nausea and other effects when the person is exposed to strong ultra-violet radiation from the Sun. Feeding on blood from animals or even Humans, these cultists have spread their new "cure" to the very heart in the slums of human society.

  • Post nuclear zombie apocalypse world filled with deadly zombie
  • Craft and arm yourself with different weapons
  • Everyone can use the same Resource Pack.
  • Download the server Resource Pack: Afterlife3.0

What's New?

  • Join the Vampire cult and be immune to monster attacks
  • Rebuild the world, build towns, form nations and be the Emperor of the new world


Minecraft 1.6.2 with MCPatcher for optimal gameplay

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